Cyber Enabled Information Warfare


  • Who will decide the next head of state?
  • With the advent of third generation of information warfare, is democracy under a threat?
  • What will be the structure of cyber vigilance institutions?
  • Are we at a brink of cyber war which will claim casualties by turning citizens against its own state?

The need for Cyber boundary is urgent, considering especially the active and defensive strategies of countries like Russia, China, Iran etc. One of the principal steps to any national security response is to ‘defend the borders’. However, such response is impossible to threats in the realm of cyberspace.

The scope of the paper focuses on the disinformation and propaganda, a section of Information warfare. This paper attempts to answer the question, “Are cyber-borders the solution we seek for challenges like information warfare


“We live in an age that is driven by information. Technological breakthroughs… are changing the face of war and how we prepare for war”.

– William Perry, Secretary of Defence, U.S.A

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